Protective film for paint boxes - SUPROfilm® SPB

Premium protective film SUPROfilm® SPB is a polyethylene film developed to protect the interior of paint boxes.
SUPROfilm® SPB is usually clear in color, covered on one side with a layer of special acrylic glue. The film can also be antistatic. The foil leaves no traces of glue after removal. Its simple application simplifies your work and significantly saves cleaning time after work.

Basic use of SUPROfilm® SPB

Tape SUPROfilm® SPB has a tack adapted for use in most types of spray booths. On request, it can also be supplied with an antistatic treatment to minimize the negative properties of electrostatic discharge.


Protective film SUPROfilm® SPB helps protect the walls of spray booths against paint deposits. It has high chemical resistance. Not only simple installation, but also its removal will save you a lot of time.

Special features

Product Name Thickness (mm) Protection Description
SUPROfilm® SPB 300
For light, short-term protection
SUPROfilm® SPB 300 AS
Basic, antistatic
For light, short-term protection
SUPROfilm® SPB 500
For normal protection
SUPROfilm® SPB 500 AS
Standard, antistatic
For normal protection
Basic size range - roll length 100m
Width: 500mm; 600mm; 750mm; 1000mm
Color: clear
Other dimensions are possible on request