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Protective films for windows and doors


Protective film SUPROfilm® SPW is a rigid polyethylene film developed to protect windows and glass surfaces during assembly, construction, reconstruction, painting, etc.

SUPROfilm® SPW is clear or blue or green in color, covered on one side with a layer of acrylic glue. The film is UV resistant and can be stuck on for up to 2 months, leaving no traces of glue after removal. Its simple application makes your work easier and significantly saves cleaning time after finishing work.

Basic use of SUPROfilm® SPW

Tape SUPROfilm® SPW is simply applied to the protected surface either by hand or with an application tool. Thanks to a special adhesive layer, the foil adheres to the profile and the glass. After gluing, you can immediately fully load.

Special features

100% quality guarantee - made in the Czech Republic

Tear resistance

High strength and good formability

Easy handling and application

Available in many different types and sizes

Minimizes damage and cleaning time


Protective film SUPROfilm® SPW unlike conventional thin protective films made of HDPE (microtene), it always adheres to the entire surface of the window. Therefore, there is no peeling, raking, damage and thus the need for repair.

You will never have to worry that your protective film will tear during painting, construction, moving or other installation work, or will constantly shrink or be plucked and rustled.

Its strength guarantees you much greater protection. It is not necessary to stick it around the perimeter with adhesive tape. Not only simple installation, but also its removal will save you a lot of time. Its use is very advantageous for construction companies, painters, cleaning companies, movers, etc.

Types and dimensions

Product Name Thickness (mm) Protection Description
SUPROfilm® SPW 200
For light, short-term protection
SUPROfilm® SPW 300 Lite
For light, short-term protection
SUPROfilm® SPW 500
For normal protection, normal work
SUPROfilm® SPW 570
High tack, on dirty windows

Basic size range: roll length 100m

Width: 500mm; 600mm; 750mm; 1000mm

Color: clear

Other dimensions are possible on request

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